Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What's it going to be?

It's my baby girl's first birthday next week so it's a pretty happy time. I've just finished putting the finishing touches on her cake and I'm thinking about presents. I did, by the way, buy the 'Ma Little Princesse' hanger I mentioned in my post Scandi Baby Chic and it's gorgeous.  This time last year I was going slowly bonkers wondering if she was ever going to arrive. We didn't know she would be a girl so we didn't really buy her any clothes other than white babygro's before she was born. I did want her to have an outfit to travel home in style in though - very important for that all important 'home from the hospital' shot. I found this gorgeous Cashmere Pullover & Bootees Set £32.00 from Little Hooligan who sell their beautiful range of baby clothes on NotOnTheHighStreet.com. This was my first present to my own beautiful (and as it turns out not so) little hooligan and, since she arrived in the middle of a snowdrift, most appropriate for braving the icy temperatures outside the sweltering maternity ward. Here she is in all her 3-day old glory wearing the pullover and stripey trousers by Olive & Moss. I can't see the same trousers amongst their range anymore but there are lots of lovely similar designs on their website. Hat, snood and rose brooch by me. If you are handy with the needles and want to buy this for a new baby, you could do what I did and make a little corsage suitable for either a boy or a girl (I had a little knitted bee ready for a boy) so that the mum can attach the appropriate one when she puts it on the baby. I made the attachment out of sticky velcro to avoid having any pins in the nursery. Happy Birthday, little A. 

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