Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Seasonal Sauce

I don't own a gravy boat. I've thought about it a lot over the years but never actually got round to seeking one out. The only time I ever seem to need one is on Christmas Day when putting the finishing touches on lunch. And for that reason, I must admit to being very taken by this lovely new seasonal Gravy Jug & Stand £34.95 by Emma Bridgewater. Resplendent in cream, green and red and printed with delicate little hearts and the word 'Joy', it would indeed be a pleasure to roll out this little beauty once a year at Christmas dinner. If you go elsewhere over the period, I think this would make a lovely thank you gift for whomever is responsible for directing operations in the kitchen over the holidays. I would probably place it on a large sheet of crisp cellophane with a teeny, tiny potted poinsettia inside it and close the whole lot up with a thick, green, satin ribbon. Scruptious!

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