Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hang It Small

Next week I'm heading down to London to visit an old friend who's just had a baby. She's already got two girls so she already has all the essentials (an non essentials) but having a big family has meant that she hasn't had a lot of time to prepare a new room for the new arrival; a little boy called Leo. When I had my daughter we prepared a colourful but gender neutral room for her. I've never been one for pink and I figure that women don't go around dressed head to foot in the colour so why should children. One of the most lovely presents I received for A when she was born was a set of three hand-painted wooden coat hangers in blue, peach and cream decked out with ribbons  and painted beads and I was searching (unsuccessfully) for something similar when I came across this lovely little gem. The Rainbow Coat Rack £18.99 from the Great Little Trading Company. Perfect for a boy or a girl's nursery with it's lovely retro style bobble hooks, this would make an original and much appreciated present for any new mother. Mount it at toddler height to make 'tidying' fun.

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