Saturday, 19 November 2011


I'm not normally a fan of giving gloves as a present. They're right up there with picture frames and nailcare kits in the zero inspiration stakes. But I am prepared to make an exception in this case. These days, everybody knows somebody who is inseparable from their touch screen gadgets which won't work through the fabric of your gloves on a cold day. Totes Isotoner have come up with a very stylish solution to this problem with these SmarTouch Gloves £14.99. They have conductive thread knitted into the forefinger and thumbs of both hands so you can tap, pinch and scroll away without losing the feeling in your fingers and a suede palm grips to stop the device sliding around in your hands. Perfect for city folk waiting for the 'bus that never comes' on cold winter evenings. They come in a range of materials, designs and colours including a very nice leather pair with chic bow detail for £24.99 and microfibre version for ski-ing £19.99. Brrrrilliant!

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