Sunday, 27 November 2011

Secret Santa Struggles - Seconds

Judging by the popularity of my Secret Santa Struggles post, it seems that there is quite a lot of searching for inspiration going on out there for  that ever elusive office christmas gift so I've come up with a few more suggestions for consideration. All for under £20. Let me know if you plump for any of them. I'd love to know how they were received.

1. Home Made Cookie Stamp £10.00

The thing I love most about this lovely little stamp from Velvet Brown is that the when you're not using it to make bold, beautiful impressions in your baking, you can hang it up in the kitchen to be admired as the lovely piece of design that it is.

I nice gift for someone who likes to organise with style. Presented curled up in a gift box, it hangs on a string with a pretty green label and a peg to mark the date. So pretty!

I have given this as an office present before and it provoked total hysteria because he was my boss and was constantly misplacing his keys. I suppose you have to read the situation before giving someone something that tacitly criticises them but so long as it's done in the right spirit and looks as good as this lovely thing does, you'll probably get a sly look and a big hug like I did. 

There's always one person who comes in to the office and heads straight for the toaster. Like coffee, there are just some things people can't start the day without. This is a lovely gift idea for such a person. I'd probably fill it with some really nice jams, marmalade or some other of their favourite spread. Otherwise, why not use it as a mini-hamper. Send some nice brown paper through the office shredder and pack in some goodies. We had a guy at work who loved those little pots of Gentlemen's Relish, Anchovy Paste and little truckles of cheese encased in colourful wax. This would be a great way to present stuff like that. 

Again, from Berry Red, this may seem like an odd choice but these are great presents for mums with growing families. I buy so many of these for storing blankets, linens and my daughter's clothes when she has outgrown them. They are sturdy, pack in so much and their square shape means that they stand by themselves and stack fairly well when full. This is the prettiest pattern on one of these I've ever seen. Lovely for storing things 'in sight' when the attic is full and a good idea if your Secret Santa is supposed to be something 'silly' and inexpensive. 

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