Thursday, 17 November 2011

Put A Personal Stamp on Christmas

When I was stuck for a birthday present idea for a good friend last year I found the perfect thing. She and her family had just moved into a lovely new family home after months in limbo while the house underwent renovation so I ordered for her a rubber stamp kit with their new address on it. It is my policy never to buy a gift for someone that I wouldn't want myself and I thought it was a fabulous idea. Now every time she sends a letter or a parcel, there's the imprint of her stamp on the back. Warm, fuzzy feelings ensue! So I was delighted to find this Christmas variation from Cox & Cox in the Idea Homes Complete Guide To Christmas publication this year (I collect this every winter and thoroughly recommend it. It is always excellent for ideas that can be adapted for celebrations all year round.)

Cox & Cox are one of the leading independent gift and homeware retailers in my humble opinion. It's rare to find anything on their site that you wouldn't want in your home. This To & From Christmas Stamp £19.50 (available online only) is a great example of their innovation and style. It allows you to create a "To" and "From" from stamp with a pretty scrolling frame and space for the name of the recipient. And the really natty thing about it is that it can be personalised with the name of the of the present giver at the bottom. Absolutely perfect either as a gift for a treasured friend or to give your own Christmas presents that little extra panache.

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