Thursday, 24 November 2011

Showcase: House Knutsford

It's so nice when amazing shops introduce themselves. I checked out new Twitter follower House Knutsford's beautiful website this evening and have decided not to go to bed until I compose a wishlist of stunning gifts from their collection. It's a tough job but I suppose I'll just have to do it! 

I can see these looking fabulous in a pantry or wine cellar but they would look just as effective in a dressing room or walk-in wardrobe. I love their bold shape and the way the gold metallic lining gives off a warm glow. Their long black cord allows for low suspension to give a lamp effect. Position it over a vintage telephone on a console table for a surrealist look.

I like nicely packaged, good quality soaps but I rarely use them to wash my hands. I like to put them in drawers to scent my clothes and keep my boudoir smelling beautiful. This packaging looks almost too nice to hide away so I might need two: one for the drawer and one for the toiletries bowl in my guest room.

Make a man very, very happy. One for the boys this and for car lovers everywhere. 57cm x 32cm x 28cm and every sumptuous inch made from and embellished with high quality leather.

I own the earlier version of this without the knife block and I have given it several times as a housewarming gift. I find it is particularly suitable for boys because, even if they completely ignore it, it looks undeniably cool on the work top in a trendy bachelor pad. The four boards are colour coded according to type of food: raw meat, cooked food, fish and vegetables and they all fit neatly into a silver knife block with handy tabs to 'file' them away when not in use. 

A bone china lamp that glows from within to give off a low, warm light. Great for fending off the monsters under the bed. Also available in rabbit and owl designs. 

Finally, and at the risk of completely over-exposing mugs this week, I have to just slip this little bone china one in because it is so pretty and a nice stylish antidote to all the relentless 'Keep Calm & Carry On" kitsch that seems to be absolutely everywhere at the moment. As I mentioned in my earlier post (A Grateful Cuppa), I think delicate, elegant mugs with unusual designs make lovely thank you and housewarming gifts especially if you pair them up for a couple.

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