Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Secret Santa Struggles

If you are struggling with this year's Secret Santa at the office, may I venture a suggestion: Tea. The perfect gift for a Brit. I can't even count on one hand the people I know who don't drink it in one form or another. I have given mug cosies to people on all sorts of occasions. I once gave one as a welcome gift at work and they also make great Get Well Soon gifts (although I've yet to find one with 'Chicken Soup' on it which would be absolute perfection). I love these simple but bold Mug Cosies £12.00 by British designer Bridget Wilkinson - crocheted and attractively embellished with felt, buttons and little tapestried labels - they look like mini works of art. And they come complete with, what I would describe as a really good solid mug. This is a selling point for me as I loathe 'apologetic' crockery. I've picked out the Earl Grey one because that's my tipple but they are all absolutely lovely. Perfect as a thoughtful but unostentatious present and of almost universal appeal. So there it is. Secret Santa solved. Now stuff it with a packet of the recipient's favourite blend and and a vintage style infuser (like this one) and you'll wish you could put your name on the gift tag.

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  1. thank you for loving my mug cosies, I'll be working on a 'chicken soup' one next