Monday, 21 November 2011

Little Foldable Works of Art

A couple of Valentine's ago, I bought a set of two tea towels for my culinary lovin' husband in a bit of a rush. We never buy each other extravangant gifts on this occasion because we like to spend the money on a good steak instead but a gesture must be made...and this was mine. They were ribbon-wrapped, brilliant white, crisp and thick with a great red type printed onto them which, in my rush, I thought said: LOVE. So I was a bit non-plussed when he unwrapped them and the beautiful scrolling script revealed the legend: TEA TOWEL. Still to this day, we can't quite bring ourselves to use them much because they are  so pretty but I still think the artist missed an opportunity with the wording there.  

I love illustrated tea towels like this though. They're little foldable works of art. This beautiful design The Great British Biscuit £10.00 is by British artist and illustrator Jill Tytherleigh. Check out her very lovely website too. Now, personally I would NEVER use something as gorgeous as this to wipe the crocks. Most likely, I would pin it onto thin foam core in a nice simple boxframe (like this one) and hang it in my kitchen (though very little wall space left in there now) or give it to someone framed as a housewarming gift or as the perfect pressie for an enthusiastic chef.

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