Sunday, 4 December 2011

Stocking Fillers 4

When I was quite young, my mum gave me a wall-mountable pottery profile of a cat's face with a tiny hole in the mouth that dispenses string and a slot for scissors. My husband hates it. He says it's the creepiest thing he's ever seen and gives the impression that the cat has tapeworm. None of this can be denied. It is very odd. But I also can't deny its usefulness and the reason I still have it is that I still use it all the time. I have probably saved hours of my life over the years sat in the tedious occupation of unraveling tangled and knotted balls of string because of it and I was reminded of this when I came across this nice String Tin £4.99 from a range by artist Madeleine Floyd available at Lakeland. It is covered in exquisite bird illustrations and is quite diddy at 11cm making it an unexpected surprise for the stocking. I would probably try to find some nice pretty twine and maybe some Embroidery Scissors £5.00 like those below from Make Do Mend (which would make a nice stocking filler present in themselves) to put with it depending on the age of the recipient. 

Great for the garden, a home office, the kitchen and, of course, all those hundreds of small people projects where glue and sticky-back plastic just aren't getting the job done.

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  1. Message from Bee at Makedomend.
    Lovely choice! The Menders are adding lots more goodies to their shop on a weekly basis.
    Thank you for name checking our shop and scissors.