Wednesday, 7 December 2011

On the 8th Day of Christmas...

Hampers. Generally, they are a nice idea but unless you go super luxe they can work out very expensive for what you get. There's often a couple of bum gifts and the whole thing is padded out with pretty packaging that's good for nothing but the recycling bin. It also lacks the personal touch. But, if you're stuck for a gift idea for someone truly tricky then they do make a nice gesture particularly if the contents are carefully selected. So I would suggest making your own. Your starting point should be the hamper itself. I doesn't need to be a wicker basket, although there are some lovely ones around at the moment. I love this Wooden Divided Trug £18.99 from Wood & Willow because it has a lovely classic shape and is a gift in itself. After use, it can be used to store anything from condiments to cutlery on a work surface. Line it with some pretty fabric or shredded brown paper and then let your imagination run wild. Cheese, spreads, chocolates, booze and little treats. A great present for a family or your host at Christmas.

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