Sunday, 4 December 2011

On the 4th Day of Christmas...

I've just finished re-organising my studio. It's been a mammoth job involving many hours of sorting, boxing and labelling. Being a designer and a notorious hoarder, it has been very satisfying to survey my domain in an orderly state as I had almost completely forgotten what colour the carpet was. On the downside, I had to resort to the use of a lot of big plastic crates which aren't that aesthetically exciting but have the benefit  of being see-through for future use. For this reason, I love these Ella Storage Boxes (Set of 2) £27.00 from Ruby Roost because they have a little window in them so you know instantly what you've stashed away inside. They are square, covered with pretty fabric and have a cute button enclosure. A beautiful storage feature that is also immensely practical. Ideal in fact for any hoarder that you might know and not a hint of toughened plastic to boot.

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