Sunday, 4 December 2011

Engagement Album

Congratulations to my little brother and his beautiful fiancee on their engagement announced today. I wish you a long and happy life together. A gift will be on the way shortly but what to choose? Here are some ideas...

1. Forever In Love Personalised Art Print £20.00

Celebrate the occasion with a timeless and enduring framed art print, designed and personalised for the recipients by Letter Fest. The prints are available in a range of phrases, either framed or unframed and, for that unique touch, they even offer the option of using your own choice of phrase for a truly bespoke gift. 

I love glass paperweights. I don't ever actually use them for their intended purpose because I think they look best scattered amongst ornaments on surfaces and sparkling in sunlight on windowsills. The Ebury Home & Garden Shop has this lovely satisfyingly plump one illustrated with a bird on a branch and bearing the legend "Kiss Me Goodnight". Very romantic and something for the bottom drawer.

This large (18" x 18") silk cushion with printed with two elegant deer from Rockett St. George is a subtle and clever way to celebrate an engagement. The neutral palate means it would fit neatly into most colour schemes and the sumptuous sheen of the silk would make it particularly suitable for a cosy boudoir.

Something to snuggle in. I once had a boyfriend who lived on Shetland. I've seen their sheep and they really, really need their wool. It's extremely cold and windy. So, I imagine that this lovely throw/blanket from Susie Watson Designs is great for keeping things toasty on cold winter nights by the fire. As a personal touch for the engagement, I might have a present like this monogrammed with the couple's initials neatly entwined.

I love the simple design and warm glow from these beautiful hand-thrown porcelain votives by Luna Lighting that I found at the Tilly & Rose online boutique. I can just see them flickering away on a fireplace or hearth or dazzling in the dark through a window in the evenings. In fact, quite a few of their designs would make ideal engagement presents but I like this one because the set presents letters that only make sense when put together side by side.....Awww...I'd better go and lie down. I've gone into loved up overdrive. Hehe!

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