Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Personal Project: Provence-style Hand Towels on a Hook

I really like making stuff for my family, friends and for my home. A lot of people gulp at the idea of a homemade gift but it doesn't have to be a sticky-back plastic job. You can add that personal touch to your presents to make them extra special without a degree in design. And for the right recipient, it will make the pressie that much more special. We were in Provence for our holiday this year and bought this hook from a local artisan shop in Roussillon. I like it because my kitchen has a lot of dark and light contrast in it: a canvas of white picked out with strong fire-engine reds, dark wood, enamelware and wrought iron details. I like the novelty of it too with its strong shape and bold type. Pretty hooks are lovely gifts to buy for friends because they are so useful and can go anywhere. I needed somewhere to hang a hand towel near the kitchen sink and as there was nowhere convenient at waist level to do this, I mounted my feature hook on the wall above the basin. I then made up some hand towels based on the traditional provencale style of sewing a loop of pretty ribbon to the centre of the towel so that it hangs in a nice big clump your can get your hands on easily. Here, I've used a plain white towel and added a loop of dark red gingham ribbon to complement the colour on the hook but you can decorate the towel as elaborately as you wish so long as what you end up with can still absorb water and go in the washing machine. Perfect as a house warming gift and an easy and thoughtful present to make with little ones. 

Hook: Find a good range at Denbee Country Crafts. Guest towels: 19p each from IKEA, Gingham ribbon: From a selection at Gisela Graham available at John Lewis and trendy gift shops. 

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