Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Christmas is coming...

Ooooh! I'm back. It's been (I'm scared to look) too long since I went virtual shopping. Where have I been? Well, for want of a better word, working. That and I've had a complete dearth of occasions to buy presents for but there's now only about 9 weeks until Christmas and I'm raring to go. Plus I've found some lovely places to go for a wander. The list starts here!

1. Personalised Branding Iron for Steak from Hunter Gatherer £24.95 

I would file this magnificent idea under a) what to get for a man, subsection i)...who has everything and ii)...who doesn't particularly like golf. I can see it hanging proudly in the shed with all our barbeque tools just waiting for the summer.

This is wonderful and would make a great addition to anyone's kit from groceries to the beach particularly since we're all trying to avoid the dreaded carrier bag these days. I remember being deeply covetous of a friend's shopping tote that had an unusual line drawing printed on it and I've never found anything comparable... until now. 

The only dilemma with this stunning print is deciding what lucky room in the house is going to get it: A splash of colour in the kitchen, a thought for the day in the bathroom or maybe a cheerful addition to a nursery or child's bedroom. Beautiful.

Got a little one in mind with a nursery to beautify? Try this beautiful jersey string with colourful dots from one of my favourite design houses at one of my favourite children's boutiques. Danish company Maileg are not that well known on these shores but Sister's Guild stock their classic and unique creations in abundance.

A thing of beauty and suitable for just about anyone with taste. It will last for years and the more battered they get, the more charm they retain. I can remember when my school satchel finally fell apart after years of being dumped and stuffed and dragged about in corridors. It took some defeating. It wasn't as nice as this one though. 

Happy Christmas Shopping All!

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