Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fantasy Shopping Trip

I need a pick me up and quick. Too much work and not enough shopping makes me want to SURF! It's my birthday in just under a month and I've decided to create my ultimate present wish list (hubby take note) with a wander down my Fantasy High Street. Let's go!:

1. Cinderela B Bea Bee Silver Necklace from House Knutsford £23.00

I am extremely discerning about jewellery and this is exquisite.

I want this, full of wild lavender, in the middle of my kitchen island.

Place settings are close to my heart at the moment. I would love to spread my table with these lovely things, filled with herbal sprigs.

I recently found an old wooden, towel rail and screwed it into the island in the kitchen. Now all I need is one of these!

I've got yards of linen in my studio just waiting for this.

An "A" please Michael! ; ) 

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