Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bathroom Bliss

I am in the unusual position of having a week where I am not looking for a present. This rarely happens so I've taken the opportunity to go shopping for bathroom treasures for myself. I am about 99.9% happy with our bathroom - we've got all the essentials - but one thing it presently lacks is extraneous decoration - bits and bobs. Sadly, this is not the kind of bathroom that will take well to driftwood ornaments, signs that read "To the Beach" and great big letter friezes compelling me to "bathe" or "wash" and other such imperatives. Such things are very popular at the moment and rightly so. But if I tell you that this  bathroom has quite a busy patterned duck egg blue wallpaper and a dark brown tiled floor with white woodwork, tiles and suite you will appreciate that anything of that nature is going to make it look WAY too busy and quite probably smaller (God help us!) So the purpose of this post is to find things that are clean, unobtrusive and have a simple elegance. I'll need hooks, hand towels, artwork and ornaments for the window sill. Here's what I found:


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