Thursday, 28 June 2012

Two For Tea

My toddler has been invited to her first proper birthday party so this calls for a big post.  In honour of her mate Esme's 2nd birthday (and because HM's recent insatiable interest in the content of my jewellery box has indicated that she is a real girl now) I will break things down into two important shopping areas. Outfit and present. Let's start with the clothes!:


The retro look: So funky and pretty without being too pink and girly. Gorgeous!

The casual chic look: I can just imagine how gorgeous this would look with some white pedal pushers and bare feet.

The classic elegant look: A touch more formal but absolutely to die for and the vintage rose print makes it truly spectacular.

The junior fashionista look: I love the punky-ness of this pretty little skirt casually paired with a faux-fur jacket and bother boots. Adorable. 

I've just ordered a pair of these for her along with a couple of other styles from the Skeanie website which now ships to the UK. Paediatrically-approved and much more stylish than anything Clarks has to offer, I anticipate becoming a regular. 

They look sort of edible don't they? Love them.

Reassuringly sturdy while being irresistibly dainty.


Fun, educational and so pretty. I love the vintage box too.

Slightly pricer but timeless, tasteful and classic. Something to keep forever. 

Most two-year old girls will be getting into art by now in a major way. These collections of stamps in sweet little bags will keep them well occupied while creating their daily masterpiece.

Edible. That is all.

Pretty to display in a bedroom and perfect for toting about all those little everyday essentials like toy cars, bangles and small toys.

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