Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What? No Gift List.

On Saturday I shall be attending the wedding of a couple who have opted not to have a giftlist. This is highly unusual. A card containing details of a couple's gift list is as common to the invitation envelope as an RSVP postcard nowadays. It's more practical than anything else. Not doing so means you run the risk of some duplication amongst your wedding presents (it's another fondu set darling!) or worse, receiving nothing at all ; ). I'm always slightly put off by couples who ask for money to put towards something like a house deposit or the honeymoon but I do think that emerging modern alternatives can be both innovative and meaningful such as asking people to donate to a charity the couple support or to give wine or champagne to build a stable of bottles with which to launch a hundred celebrations in the future. So what to give? Especially when the couple in question seemingly have 'everything'. I've been window shopping to find some present ideas that will help push your name right to the top of the thank you card list.

Stylish, elegant and timeless. A total no-brainer.

Apart from anything else, the design of this is utterly edible and the humour clear but not tacky.

Check out this site for a wealth of original, vintage and upcycled pieces in many different styles.

Food: the second thing every couple wants when they get back to the Honeymoon Suite ; ).

Orange blossom is associated with love and commitment so you score points for originality and depth of meaning. 

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