Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hello Baby!

Congratulations to two sets of our good friends who welcomed new little people into the world this month - a boy AND a girl! Phew! It's been quite a while since I bought anything for a newborn. I never realised until I had my own baby quite how much stuff you don't realise you need and, more pertinently, how much stuff you don't realise you don't need. Baby towels are a good example? Pourquoi? It's a small towel. Most people have an airing cupboard full of them already. And frequently, they are too small. Cuddling her up in one of these was like trying to wrap a jelly with a postage stamp. After a couple of weeks I was reaching for a big fluffy bath sheet and I have done ever since. The most practical present for a new baby, in my view, is clothing...preferably clothing that is a size 6 to 12 months beyond the size that fits them at the time. But SIDN isn't about being practical. Not exclusively anyway. It's about thrilling, stunning, "I never knew I needed that"-style gifts that really have the wow factor. Here are some firm favourites that are guaranteed to delight.

I was given these by my mum and they are just wonderful. As well as being the most delicious combination of vibrant sherbet colours, you don't need to worry about pairing them up. You just grab a couple and go. Gorgeous!

My sister-in-law found these (and the red and white strawberry pair) for my daughter this past Christmas and they are every bit as gorgeous and good quality as they look. They look great alone or under dresses. I love the fact that the more she needs changing the bigger the cupcake gets! 

A brilliant handbag toy. These colourful bugs are the approximate length of a mobile and a baby will be  transfixed by the squeaky noise before having a really good chew on the antenna. I was given the black and white one in the centre by a friend whose son is four months older than my daughter with instructions to keep it handy and she was absolutely right. A compact hit!. 

Such a beautiful and inspired gift and a great opportunity to add some colour to the wardrobe of a new baby who was an 'it' until the birth announcement was sent out. I received a massive pink version of this bouquet (and I've sent a few too). Her first pinks! The thing is, at first glance, you really do believe that it's a big posh bunch of flowers but closer inspection reveals scratch mits, babygros, vests, hats and socks all rolled up ready to be discovered. I think it took about an hour to unwrap them all and I then re-arranged the remaining foliage into a small bundle that now sits on the windowsill of my daughter's bedroom. Expect a phone call! 

There's nothing quite as luxurious as a really posh romper suit. New babies live in cheap, white babygros for the first few months of their lives so every now and then it's nice to show them off in something a bit fancy and achingly cute. I was given a version similar to this with pink butterflies on it by a family friend and she looked absolutely adorable in it. There's a range to choose from for both boys and girls in lovely, bold colours. They make wonderful, luxury gifts. 

I love these. So simple and pretty and a good way to personalise a room if you are unwilling (or aren't allowed) to defile the walls. Do note that the cost is per tieback not for a set of two so you have the freedom to have more than one initial if you want or even an "&". And for those who like to go waaaaay above and beyond, matching fabric is also available if you're feeling crafty and want to run up a cushion or bolster pillow to match. 

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